Staff & Elders

Christ Church currently has eight pastors and eight support staff members. Click through the pages on the right for more details on each staff member.

Pastoral Staff

Dennis Turner, Lead Pastor
Cathy Turner, Associate Pastor
Curtis Cooley, Youth Pastor
David Carrillo, Ministry Partnership Coordinator
Doug Hodgens, Family Life Pastor
Norm Nevins, Executive Pastor
Zac Bayless, Worship Pastor


Support Staff

Mariah Kliewer, Graphic Designer
Katrina McFarland, Church Life Coordinator
Kenna Morrison, Serving and Event Coordinator
Lauren Carrillo, Pastoral Ministry Assistant
Micki Hodgens, Worship Arts Director
Mike Williams, Facilities Coordinator
Natalie Neal, Family Life Assistant
Tammy Wallace, Finance Assistant



Dennis Turner
Jeff Chester
Jim Dalton
Justan Shinkle
Norm Nevins


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9:00 & 11:00am