At Christ Church we have a number of ministries designed to help you become the person God made you to be, set you free from sin, live in community with others, and be equipped for ministry.

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Three of our biggest opportunities for adults include Equip Classes, Freedom Ministry, and Life Groups.

Equip Classes are designed to help you move grow in a specific area of life through classes. We offer classes ranging from marriage to parenting to financial management. Classes are offered periodically throughout the year on Wednesday evenings and usually last 6-8 weeks. See the link below to find out when our next classes are offered.

Freedom Ministry is a kingdom-focused ministry designed to help you become truly free in Christ. Our Freedom Basics classes serve as our entry point into Freedom Ministry, and ontain the essential principles of freedom and lay the groundwork for you discover who God made you to be.

Life Groups are designed for you to connect in deep friendships, grow more like Christ and care for one another. Groups typically meet weekly around the city in homes. If you are not connected to a group we want to help you connect!

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